MobileMe Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the MobileMe Login:

1. Start by going to the website,, it automatically takes you to the login page,
Before you enter your username and password, make sure that the URL (website address) is exactly as shown above. There are cases where users could wind up at a phishing site which will steal your username and password by mimicking the look and feel of the original site. So double check it because it before proceeding to enter your credentials.
2. Click the Apple ID text field and enter your login id.
3. Click the password text field and enter your login password.
After filling in the details know can either click the check box below the password field or leave it (NOTE: Select it if you want to stay signed in but remember It is optional to check it)
4. Click the forward arrow which is inside the password field to get logged in. (NOTE: You can also press the enter key from your keyboard).
The site now will process your login information. If your login credentials are valid then you be given access to a secure area to do you things.


Having difficulties logging in?
If you forgot your MobileMe Login credentials, please follow the steps to retrieve it:
1. Click on the link that says forget your id or password at the footer
2. Continue with the on screen instructions to finalize the reset process.
Step by step credential reset instructions:

If you are trying to reset your credentials visit  or
If you want to change completely from mobile me Login to iCloud follow the following steps

1. Go to and sign in with your MobileMe account.
2. To sign in first move your account to iCloud. Click Get Started.
3. After being redirected, sign in with your MobileMe account information.
4. Now begin the migration wizard by clicking the next button.
5. Confirm all your details have been copied from MobileMe to iCloud.
6. Click the Requirements button to continue with the process.
7. Make sure everything is up to date also running in the corresponding software box and click the Next button.
8. Click the Move to iCloud button.
9. Then just follow the wizard and you almost good to go.

Having issues? You can contact apple through their web interface: